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The Nashville Edition won many awards. They were the #1 Vocal Background Group for more than 10 years. They performed on more than 10,000+ recorded sessions with every major artist that comes to mind. Later Ricki Page retired, and soprano Wendy Suites joined the group permanently.  In June of 1968 Sheb Wooley, who was also a co-writer with Dolores, called her and said he was working on a summer replacement T.V. show and needed a vocal group for one day…would the group be interested? They were, so they reported to the set of “Hee Haw” where they stayed as a part of the original Hee Haw cast until the taping of the final show, twenty-five years later!   When Buck Owens left the show, Joe was asked to take Buck Owens place in the Hee Haw Gospel Quartet. Joe also created the popular group called the Hee Haw Cowboy Quartet, which included Roy Clark, as a salute to his pioneer idols.